Welcome to the Ohio Governor's Residence Museum and Heritage Gardens

Education activity at the Residence

The Ohio Governor's Residence and Heritage Garden provides people of all ages with educational opportunities. The residence is a beautiful historic home with many stories to tell. The Jeffrey family originally built the house in 1928, and descendents of the family donated it to the state in 1955. Since then, nine governor's families have lived at the residence and contributed to it's rich history. The residence is also filled with original Ohio arts and crafts.

The Heritage Garden also offers many learning opportunities. The gardens provide a microcosm within which to view Ohio's natural habitats. Each garden represents a physiographic region of the state and includes plants that grow there natively. The residence gardens give visitors a unique glimpse into the natural history and current status of Ohio's environmental landscape.

Also showcased at the Governor's Residence are green energy and sustainable design technologies. The Carriage House is fitted with solar panel arrays that generate energy for the house and return energy to the power grid.

Below are a few examples of web pages that highlight the educational opportunities offered by the residence and gardens:

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