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The Governor's Grove, Allegheny Garden, and The Sister State Portal

Along the south fence in the front yard are plants from all over Ohio planted in formal English border style. Ohio’s Master Gardeners are giving the Heritage Garden a plant from each county. The Border Garden features plants that inhabit areas in transition from prairies to woods.

The trees and shrubs in the front yard were planted by members of the Jeffrey, Carlile, O’Neil, Rhodes, Gilligan, Celeste, Voinovich, and Taft families. Some of the younger evergreens were used as Christmas trees by the Tafts before they were planted outside. Ray Albert’s Tree Farm has been supplying the Governors Residence with Christmas trees for 25 years, a tradition that started with the Celestes.

Along Parkview Ave. are plants representing the glaciated Allegheny Plateau region of NE Ohio. Bill Hendricks of Klyn Nursery and Jim Bissell of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History gave many of the plants seen here. The ancient Pittsburg River brought some of them to Ohio.

Cherry trees planted by Gov Taft and a Governor Yoshihiko Tsuchiya of Saitiama Prefecture, Ohio’s sister state in Japan flank this gate.

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