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Sources of Ohio Native Seeds and Plants

The PDF document below contains a short list of nurseries offering native and nursery-propagated plants or seeds. Many nurseries offer plants that have been rescued with proper approval and this type of wild digging is ethical and is a good source of native plants. Supporting nurseries that propagate their own stock or sell properly rescued plants helps conservation efforts. For more information about efforts to promote the use of native plants and why it is important see the statement made by the conservation directory of the Ohio Native Plant Collaborative.

Nurseries that offer wild-collected plants should not be supported since this leads to habitat destruction. In addition, some nurseries use a loophole and “hold” plants for 3 months and then call them “nursery grown” even though they are actually wild-collected.

It is hard to verify the accuracy of this list, so inquire about the identity of the plant’s origin.

Note: The listing below is not necessarily exhaustive; nor is it intended to constitute an endorsement of the businesses listed.

Sources of Ohio Native Seeds and Plants

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