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Patio, Water Garden, Dogwood Glade, and Pergola

The Nellie Taft Yoshino cherry tree is a focal point of the family patio. Schedel Foundation and Gardens who received it from the National Park Service gave it to the Heritage Garden. They cloned it from one Nellie Taft planted as First Lady in 1912 at the Tidal Basin in Washington DC.

Native bamboo is planted between the columns on the patio side of the pergola. Bladdernut trees from Helen Black and Angela Mieske are planted by the door to the garden room. Native wisteria, groundnut, trumpet vine, clematis, and passionflower grow up the columns. The passionflowers were discovered and named by Dewey Hollister. They and the bamboo are representative of the Inland Low Plateau that crosses the Ohio River into SW Ohio.

All these Irises were hybridized by Tony and Dorothy Willot of Cleveland who donated and planted them in the Heritage Garden in 2005. There are four heights, each blooming in succession from the shortest to the tallest.

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