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The Five Physiographic Regions of Ohio

The residence gardens are designed to represent the different physiographic regions of Ohio and the native plants that live there. What are the regional features that make Ohio unique? Read on to find out.

There is a remarkably strong correlation between geological features and plant distribution. Environmental factors, past and present, such as significant geological and climatological events, exposed bedrock, physiography or topographic landform surface features, soil types, and climate all acting in conjunction with one another, influence the geographic distribution of plant species and therefore major vegetational community types. The 5 major physiographic or ecological regions of the state outlined on this map are only portions of much larger physiographic regions which extend well beyond the boundaries of Ohio. Within our state, each region has its own characteristic and distinct geological, botanical, and even zoological features which define the landscape we call Ohio. Click on each region of this map to learn more about each and how the natural landscape came to be as it is today.

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