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The Taft Family, 1999-2007

Governor and Mrs. Taft

Bob and Hope Taft moved into the Residence in January 1999. Thanks to the efforts of the Celestes and the Voinovichs, the Residence was in better condition than it had been for several years. Mrs. Taft set out to record the history of the Residence, and make the property an Ohio Showcase. Museums from around the state have loaned paintings by Ohio artists that hang in the public rooms. Examples of Ohio industry are also on display. Mrs. Taft’s major project has been the development of the Ohio Heritage Garden, a series of small gardens that replicate the diverse growing regions of the state.

George W. Bush, then Governor of Texas visited the Residence in 2000 while on the campaign trail. Favorite annual events at the Residence include a Valentine’s Day reception for couples who have been married at least fifty years and are active volunteers, and a reception for the artists who create decorations for the Christmas tree each year.

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